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Classics Remixed

Brand Activation, Events & Pop-ups

To commemorate Limited Edt’s 20th anniversary and LE 313’s relaunch with adidas Originals Home of Classics campaign, we presented “Classics Remixed”. An ode to the idea of classics being good today and for all time. 

Designed with nature as the focal point, the store boasts recycled wood fixtures, and greenery. To complement the store’s green theme, we partnered InOut Atelier to create an installation of the adidas Originals Trefoil logo made of moss and a customised indoor terrarium as a centrepiece. 

To embrace the green theme, we collaborated with Paper Carpenter to curate recyclable paper displays that artfully linked each shoe silhouette – Campus, Gazelle, Superstar Forum, Samba to their respective cultural movements and sports, from skate, art, music, to football and basketball.

Partnering local artists Unusual Felines and SecondNatvre, we presented the Classics Remixed Collection showcasing how adidas gear can be upcycled, restyled and remixed into new and surprising ways to yield a Utility Vest, Carpenter Pants, Plant Holder and a Stool that’s available only for ballot.  

The artists also held workshops to teach event attendees how to breathe new life into their unwanted apparel. SecondNatvre taught event attendees how to make macrame bags out of old shoe laces while Unusual Felines taught event attendees how to make drawstring shoe bags out of old adidas fabric. 

To close the night, we had a performance segment titled Classics FM headlined by Calista Liaw who embodies the spirit of Classics Remixed, with her infusion of the sounds of the erhu, the traditional Chinese instrument, and modern music. Alongside her, Prav, BGourd and Celine delivered electrifying performances with captivating hip-hop and hyperpop. 

Our heartfelt gratitude to adidas and Limited Edt for the opportunity to bring Classics Remixed to life!
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