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Johnnie Walker Walk Beyond

Brand Activation, Events & Pop-ups

Bold flavour, bold sounds, bold moves. To bring the Johnnie Walker Black Label Flavour Studio experience to life and re-introduce the whisky to a new generation of Gen Z consumers, we created an activation that brought attendees on a sensory journey at Design Orchard, right in the heart of Orchard Road.

The Johnnie Walker Walk Beyond event featured a pop-up bar where customers could experience Johnnie Walker Black Label in highballs or cocktails against a backdrop of live music performances by Yung Raja, Nash D and other local luminaries. Also available on-site were cocktail workshops and a scent-based activity that took consumers on a journey to discovering the flavour profiles of Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Customers got to take home DIY marbled glassware or specially designed merchandise by local artist Aeropalmics. They also got to indulge in complimentary temporary tattoos and nail wraps.

A big thank you to Johnnie Walker for the opportunity to bring the Johnnie Walker Black Label Flavour Studio to life, and to give consumers a taste of what it means to “Walk Beyond”.
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